SONE-201 RM My Big Sister is a Young Breastfeeding Mama at our parent’s house. Super popular doujinshi swept the top ranks! Konan Koyoi

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Date: : June 2, 2024
Actress: : Koyoi Konan

SONE-201 My Big Sister is a Young Breastfeeding Mama at our parent’s house. Super popular doujinshi swept the top ranks! Konan Koyoi

A super luxurious dream collaboration between the industry’s most popular actress [Koyoi Konan], whose flesh is too soft like a manga, and [My Sister is a Young Mom Breastfeeding at Her Parents’ House], which swept the top of the daily, weekly, and monthly FANZA rankings, has come true! (Synopsis) I am currently a second-year university student living at home and leading a carefree life, but…

My older sister (25), who got married at a young age and left home, gave birth to her second son. She decided to return to her parents’ house to raise her child. My older sister, who has always had a rough personality, will give me her breasts in front of me without a second thought, and chase after her eldest son in just her underwear after a bath. After giving birth twice, my sex drive is about to go out of control at the sight of my sister’s body, which has become completely fleshy like a married woman.

One night, I got drunk while having a drink with my sister, and after a back-and-forth exchange of words, I ended up drinking her breasts! ? Of course, a man and woman who have let their inhibitions go wild with just breastfeeding. Starting with my sister’s defenseless lactating breasts, the days of non-stop sex! Suck out all of her breast milk until tomorrow’s!

[SONE-201] 姉はヤンママ授乳中 in 実家 ランク1位総なめの超人気同人!業界屈指の肉感ボディ人気女優!初めての実写化コラボ作品! 小宵こなん

Synopsis: Older sister Aika married young and had 2 sons. While her husband is away for work, she returns to stay with her parents to get help.

Once there, lil’ brother Takuya begins to observe her, not so much as a sister, but as a sexy Mama.

This revisits the classic EYAN-181, with the same material and director but with a fresh cast and with a no-creampie handicap, courtesy of S1.

EYAN-181 was absolute perfection and will always be one of my all-time favorite movies. This one loses in any possible comparison despite having peak Koyoi Konan.

For those in the mood to explore. The doujin was a bit meh, but the hentai animation was quite fun.

Overall, SONE-201 it’s a good movie. I will give it a more calm watch, and I’ll see you guys next week in the sub.

SONE-201 Konan Koyoi

Release Date: 2024-05-28

Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi

Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Label: SONE

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