JUX-298 I Love my Father-in-law More Than My Husband. Yua Kuramochi

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Date: : April 11, 2021
Actress: : Yua Kuramochi

Jux 298 uncensored leaked loving my father in law more than my husband yua kuramochi mosaic destruction version

Yui who married her childhood friend Yuma. My father-in-law, Toru, has known love since he was little and always helped me when I was in trouble. One day when I met Toru, Yui came to this town where she was born and raised. My father-in-law’s house hasn’t changed since long ago. Yui found out that Yuma was having an affair and ran out of the house. Then, he pushed down his father-in-law who hesitated, saying, “Don’t tell Yuma-san that you came here,” to his father-in-law, who had been secretly favoring him for a long time.

JUX-298 - yua kuramochi
JUX-298 – yua kuramochi


Actress: Yui Kuramochi

Series: 夫よりも義父を愛して…。