Blonde Stepdaughter Lexi Lore Gets Pounded In Her Parents Bed

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Date: : May 15, 2021
Tags: : bed, Blonde, pounded
Actress: : krissy lynn, lexi lore

Stepdads Cumshot Lullaby

Krissy Lynn and Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore was lucky to be having her room renovated by her caring parents. The only downside was that she would have to in her stepmom and stepdads bed for a few nights. She was ready to tough it out! Her stepdad could not stop staring at her tight ass when she snuggled up into the sheets. One night she caught him looking at her tits. He told her to be quiet and relax. He began to suck on her nipples and rub on her cunt. They had to be very quiet. They were able to get from cocksucking all the way to pussy penetration without even a chance of stepmom getting woken up. stepdad came all over Lexis pussy and told her to go to . It was the best she ever did have!

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