JUL-273 (English subbed) Heavy Rain, Night Alone With Employee’s Wife, Nao Jinguji

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Date: : November 9, 2021
Actress: : Jinguji Nao

Nao Jinguji is a beautiful wife who is happily married. One day her husband arranges a dinner with a mutual friend of the couple: Mister Arima. Who is the current boss of the husband, and the former boss of Jinguji.

As it happens Arima is seriously depressed, as he recently had a divorce that was triggered by his wife cheating on him. Thus, he is very affected by that topic.

Jinguji and the husband convene to go alone and meet in the evening at Arima’s house. But a sudden rainstorm breaks off, and Jinguji arrives first at the boss house, finding herself alone with him, and with her clothes soaked wet…

JUL-273 Jinguji
JUL-273 Jinguji