Ashley Adams finds a way to distract her boyfriend from playing the console through sex

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Date: : November 11, 2021

Ashley Adams, Markus Dupree – Fix Me A Snack

Ashley’s boyfriend, Markus, is deep into playing his favorite video game while she tries to get his attention. In an attempt to catch his eye, Ashley leaves the room and re-enters in less and less clothing — first she comes in while wearing her bra and panties, then totally naked, but Markus’s eyes are glued to the screen and he just asks her to fix him a snack if she’s so bored. Frustrated, Ashley goes into the kitchen, ties on an apron and bends over the oven. Markus is delighted to discover the sight of his girlfriend looking like a hot snack, but Ashley tells him if he wants a snack he better start by eating her pussy first.

In fact, if you hang out in virtual games for a long time, then by this you infuriate a friend who will not tolerate for a long time and will leave you for another. But the good-natured Ashley Adams distracts her boyfriend with sex, deciding not to abandon the unlucky guy to the production of fate. Who will eat, cook, wash, and morally please him? Only a stern ultimatum can bring him to his senses.