Stacy Cruz shows off all her lust and jumps on a dick on taxi driver’s car

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Date: : November 13, 2021
Actress: : Stacy Cruz

Stacy Cruz – Minx gives driver multiple orgasms

Stacy Cruz decides to show all the lust that has accumulated in her in the taxi driver’s car. She jumps on his penis, having previously processed him with a lustful mouth. From such gestures, the car rocks, but this woman does not care. She is fiercely engaged in copulation.

Stacy Cruz got into the Fake Taxi today, a lovely brunette with blue eyes and natural boobs. Stacy was coming from an interview, and we got to chatting. She told me how she preferred taking taxis rather than public transportation since it was cleaner, and she could talk to the driver. Since she took taxis often, I asked her if she knew about our tradition out west. The tradition was simple: if she showed me her boobs, she’d get the ride for free. Her boobs were so hot! I offered her more free rides to show me her pussy, but instead, she leaned forward to tease my cock! By the time I got in the back seat, I could tell she had played me, but with her lips wrapped around my shaft, I wasn’t about to complain!