ATID-420 – “Sir, I… Don’t Want To Go Home…” This Beautiful Young girl In Uniform Is Furiously Lusting For Naughty Sex, And This Is The Video Record To Prove It – Ichika Matsumoto

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Date: : November 17, 2021
Actress: : Ichika Matsumoto

ATID-420“老师,我…不想回去…”与制服美少女激烈追求的不纯性交记录。 松本一香

Ichika is a female student that is living in a complicated home environment. As she is constantly being sexually fucksd by her Mother’s new partner.

One day, Ichika’s teacher Oshima notices Ichika standing alone in the park at night and she tells him in tears that she doesn’t want to go back home…

She gets invited to Oshima’s house who shows kindness to her and the next morning she is gone.

They met again one more time. This time Ichika is so broken and she approaches the teacher… who can’t control himself anymore.

Pretty crazy and dark drama tbh. But the movie is so well done and the actors did so well. Plus Ichika looks the part…

A movie starring Ichika Matsumoto as a troubled child whose teacher Jo tries to save her from family conditions. The evil and vicious cycle that caused her to suffer both physically and mentally. Instead, he made her look like hell even more.

ATID-420 jxp 01
ATID-420 jxp 01
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ATID-420 jxp 02

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