[DASD-938] Married Woman Cheating With A Black Guy

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Date: : December 16, 2021
Actress: : Alice Nanase

DASD-938 – Married Woman Cheating With A Black Guy – Secretary Gets Wet For Her Black Boss. Fucked Hard With His Huge Rod

This guy is a CEO at a company who got acquired by another foreign company. The new foreigner owner is a black guy who intends to fire everybody unless he gets the old CEO’s wife hired as the new secretary.

Alice Nanase reluctantly agress, as she has little choice, plus she has been sexually frustrated lately since her husband is been so stressed. A perfect recipe for disaster.

Alice Nanase DASD-938 jav2021 misbehaves , this time the boss Nico is hit hard. Japanese porn She’s been working for avspoilmy for a while, today the job at the company went wrong. office girl av therefore having to be responsible by going in to talk to the boss, she doesn’t have easy money, so the boss offers to pay for it with her pussy, she doesn’t know what to do. Moaning softly for fear that her girlfriend who works at the same place will find out that she was fucked by the boss’ secretary.