[URE-055] Nao Jinguuji In “Sunflowers Bloom At Night”

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Date: : December 16, 2021
Actress: : Jinguji Nao

[URE-055] Presented By Madonna – Nao Jinguuji In “Sunflowers Bloom At Night” – Original Work By Hiromitsu Takeda

Azuma Hisato (Nao Jinguji) is married with her husband Norihito, to who she loves dearly. As she is 29 years old already she has been wanting to have a baby for a while and they agree to start trying in 3 months time, just by the time for their wedding anniversary.

Simultaneously, the husband Norihito has made a big mistake at work, and the company president Mr. Gojo (Abe the baldie) sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a move on his trophy wife.

Hisato agrees to become the precedent’s personal secretary for exactly 3 months to repay the mistake. And when the sexual harassment begins, she decides to suck it up. Because she arrogantly believes that she can keep in control of the situation at all times, and also encouraged by her love for the husband, she also wants to do her best for him.

What she didn’t know is that Mr. Gojo is an exceptionally skilled man in the noble art of NTR. He began to train Hisato’s body, to which, she initially laughed at. But much to her surprise, her body became weak and her mind also followed.

The first scene happened in the Office. Nao gives Abe a blowjob under the table with the husband just present in the same room. This scene was… priceless.
In the second scene, they have their first adulterous sex in a hotel room. Good.
The 3rd scene happens at the eternal JAV pool and it was also awesome. Swimsuit + high knee socks. Nao looks super slutty and equally awesome.
The 4th scene has the cowgirl leotards cos, that tbh was awesome.
And the final 5th scene has the schoolgirl attire and grand finale.


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