JUL-057 Mom’s Friends – Nao Jinguji

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Date: : January 22, 2023
Actress: : Jinguji Nao

JUL-057 Mom’s Friends – Nao Jinguji

Atsushi is taken to his mother’s favorite coffee shop, where he meets his mother’s friend Nao. Atsushi, who was at the mercy of her unadorned charm, found out that she was a married woman, and once suppressed her feelings … I couldn’t control my emotions and told her my feelings. Nao refuses to do so, but his momentum drives him into a relationship. Since then, the two have been sneaking in the eyes and overlapping their bodies and loving each other. After a while, Atsushi, who had a gap with Nao, heads to her shop again …

Atsushi 被带到他母亲最喜欢的咖啡店,遇到了他母亲的朋友 Nao。 – 被她朴实的魅力摆布的敦,发现她是有夫之妇,一度压抑着自己的感情…… – 我无法控制自己的情绪,告诉她我的感受。 – Nao 拒绝这样做,但他的动力驱使他建立关系。 – 从此,两人就一直偷偷看在眼里,身体交叠,相爱相杀。 – 过了一会,与菜绪有隔阂的敦再次前往她的店铺。

Series: 母の友人

JUL-057 Mom’s Friends – Nao Jinguji